Consider These 3 Factors Before Installing High-Security Door Locks for Your Homes and Business

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If you are a property or business owner based in Winnipeg, you understand that the security of your property is the highest of your priority.  Although thefts and break-ins are regretfully common, you can drastically reduce your risk by using the right lock systems. At 204 Hero Locksmith, we spread awareness for home and business owners to ensure their valuable assets are safe and secure in terms of the locks you use. 

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          1. Upgrade to a high-security door lock rather than a standard lock

Don’t be fooled by standard locks – they can be easily picked or bumped open. With major changes in the security systems we have available in the market high-security electronic door locks offer one of the best protection that can ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Compared to the standard locks electronic lock system offers:

  • Pick-Resistant Cylinders: These specialized mechanisms make it extremely difficult for intruders to manipulate the lock’s internal components.
  • Bump-Resistant Technology: This feature prevents the common “bump key” method of forced entry.
  • Drill-Resistant Plates: Reinforcing the lock, these plates deter attempts to drill through.

Investing in high-security locks is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  • While standard systems use normal keys for their locks, physical keys are no longer required with high-security door locks, which simplifies life for commercial businesses or landlords and tenants. Tenants have a special code that they can quickly update remotely to access their apartments. This increases security and removes the headache of misplaced or stolen keys.

        2. Keyless entry and electronic door locks and the future of security

Technology is improving day by day and advanced features of electronic door locks are something that we need to consider as most homes are becoming smart homes these days, with a high-security electronic door lock, we can include connectivity with other smart home devices, temporary visitor codes, and remote access control. With their added benefits on security, these systems are becoming a more and more popular option for rental homes and commercial property owners.

     3.How can you ensure your security system is adequate with Winnipeg’s Expert Locksmith Services?


For all of your property security needs it is highly recommended that you consult a locksmith or lock specialist in Winnipeg. With over 20 years of experience, 204 Hero Locksmith can be your go-to local specialist. We assist you with selecting the appropriate locks, recommending you about the right choice of security system, performing proper installation, and providing continuing care. 



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Do not give up on security.

Be it your owned home or renting our property, always purchase top-notch locks and ensure you avail local locksmith services in your Winnipeg area, as it is an investment for your property as well as peace of mind. By putting security first, you can reduce risks, and attract high paying good tenants, and safeguard your valuables. 

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